Interview with Emanuela Medeghini
The Urban Innovative Actions-funded project DARE is a non-conventional urban regeneration project that instead of focusing uniquely on the physical environment, invests in the skills of its inhabitants and the digital knowledge infrastructure of Ravenna's Darsena area. In the course of the project’s three years, the Ravenna Municipality is cooperating with the Darsena’s residents, businesses, initiatives and institutions to create an inclusive, accessible digital framework for the area. This framework helps the Darsena's population, users and visitors to better understand their area, develop new skills, improve their quality of life and become protagonists of their neighbourhood. For this second Zoom-in for DARE, UIA expert Levente Polyák interviewed Emanuela Medeghini, the project's coordinator, about the participatory processes that lead to a new tactic for the Darsena area of Ravenna.

Developing a tactic for the Darsena has been a key process of the DARE project. A participatory process of over a year and a half, consisting of the mapping of existing initiatives, an open call for proposals and a series of events to create synergies between initiators, led to the identification of three development scenarios. These scenarios or tactics were described as La Darsena laboratorio, a place for knowledge and experimentation; La Darsena cosmopolita, a place for community, inclusion and interchange, and La Darsena verde, a place for sustainable and open-air lifestyles. In order to find a consensus over which vision to support for the Darsena, an online vote, restricted to the Ravennati, was organised on the specialised platform BiPart, and confirmed the Darsena verde (Green Darsena) as the winning tactic for the area.

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