CURANT journal 4
In his 4th journal of CURANT, UIA expert Fabio Sgaragli discusses the significance of a holistic approach to integration and the potential contribution of CURANT through its lessons learnt in supporting the EU in formulating integration policies. His focus though lies in the topic of evaluating EU-level mechanisms and policies with a view to supporting future integration policy developments, or in his own words: How may we measure and evaluate the degree to which migrants are actually integrated? What indicators for impact measurement, including also non-quantifiable elements?

As the CURANT project is reaching its final stages you will read how Fabio and the project deal with the results from the integration evaluation study. You will find out how the project has dealt with the inherent challenge of defining assets and a methodology easy enough to be shared and told, aiming at spreading good practices and their results, but well-structured enough at the same time to capture the complexity of the project.  
Journal n.4 will give an overview on the project state of the art and goes in depth on the topic of impact measurement.

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