B-MINCOME Journal 5: A successful journey tpwards participative and community-oriented social welfare system
In a moment where welfare state has been retrenched and the public support becomes pivotal to respond to people’s needs arising from rapid and unstable societal transformations, cities like Barcelona are reconfiguring their traditional provision of social services towards participative and community-oriented system. Laura Colini, UIA Expert of B-MINCOME project, presents through the voices of social workers the path of this challenge and its success.

 The journal shows the learning process of Barcelona in overhauling its operating models and respond to fresh demands with new tools and methodologies, promoting flexibility and cross-departmental coordination as a precondition for innovation in the public sector. 
Last but not least, this example illustrates how overcoming economic pressure through a guaranteed minimum income, together with effective social services, releases people’s creativity to imagine a different future and unlocks potentialities and capacities to handle sensitive issues of both individuals and family. 

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Laura Colini, UIA Expert
Barcelona, Spain
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