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With the end of the selection process of the 2000 families included in the different pilot schemes for Minimum Income, the project has now fully entered in most interesting and challenging part of the implementation phase.

All partners are now busy in delivering the different actions under the 4 Active Policies that will be complementing the different schemes for Minimum Income. The different combinations of active policies with Minimum Income are at the heart of the experimental approach of B-Mincome.

In this 3rd Journal UIA Expert Laura Colini looks in detail at different ongoing projects related to the Active Policy 1 “Neighbourhood-based training and jobs for all”. During her visit she met several citizens involved in the different training activities as well as trainers and social workers from the NGOs active in this strand of activities. She also describes the main rationale behind this project’s pillar, its phases and state of play.
Read Laura’s account and analysis in the 3rd B-Mincome Journal.

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Laura Colini, UIA expert
Barcelona, Spain
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