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In this podcast series I will be discussing the concrete experience, challenges and learnings of the Urban Innovative Actions project Air-Break Ferrara.

Air-Break set the ambitious goal of reducing air-pollution by 25% in the most critical areas of the city. In doing so, the project tackles air-quality issues through a set of integrated actions along four core strategic fields: Nature-Based Solutions, Infrastructural upgrades, Technological equipment, and Awareness-raising and citizens and stakeholders’ engagement, with the involvement of the local community in the monitoring of air-quality and the establishment of a pro-active participatory process and co-design living labs.

But how can an innovative project on air-quality make sure to engage and strengthen the commitment of citizens and stakeholders to take action towards a better environment?

We will try and answer this complex question, with our first guests: Farah Makki and Eugenio Morello, from the Milan Polytechnic, one of the core partners of the Air-Break consortium, leading the project’s activities for citizens and stakeholders engagement.

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Pietro L. Verga, UIA Expert
Ferrara, Italy Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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