5Bridges Expert Journal 3: Get to know what happened in the last 6 months!
In his 3rd Journal, Freek Spinnewijn summarizes the activities that took place in the last months in the 5Bridges project.

Most importantly, Freek shares his insights on the construction of the site, which is advancing quickly and created a new boost to project dynamics. The work on employment opportunities for the clients of the 5Bridges services is also at full speed, while the work on health and housing, two other key components of a sustainable way out of homelessness remain somewhat underdeveloped. The investment into participatory approaches appears to have paid off and Freek shares his thoughts on how this has created a more collective ownership of the project.  The economic reality required a revision of some of the economic activities but the ambition to have a social restaurant, an urban farm, and a second-hand shop on site remain intact.  The journal also signals some key challenges regarding the project implementation in Nantes. Read through to find out how!

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Freek Spinnewijn, UIA Expert
Nantes, France
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