The practice is about managing interdisciplinary cooperation within the administration and with groups in the urban community. It is always about successfully concluding deals and achieving the goals for climate neutrality, nature and environmental protection.


Strong points 

  • Active networking at local, European and international level, Interdisciplinary cooperation in administration.
  • Strong support from the top management.
  • Highly qualified employees/experts in the fields of climate, nature and environmental protection.
  • Enthusiastic approach, which includes permanent attention and engaged communication to the civic community.

Key stakeholders 

All team members, the top managment and the elected members of the city council.
163 Deals with different types of stakeholder:

  • Private companies: (e.g. MVV (local energy provider).
  • Public companies: (e.g. SMART City Mannheim).
  • Institutions: (e.g. German Red Cross; Student Union).
  • Associations.
  • Cooperatives: (e.g. local housing cooperative).

City strategy 

The Local Green Deal in Mannheim substantiated the 2030 Vision for a climate neutral, sustainable and inclusive Mannheim in Europe in various fields of actions and cross-sectional areas. 


Results and impacts 

  • Mannheim to be climate-neutral by 2030 (Zero Co2 emissions).
  • 330 measures of the Local Climate Action Plan to be implemented.
  • Involvement of the entire urban society (327,000 inhabitants).


  • Raising awareness among the population to change behavior.
  • Activating private investment.
  • Time pressure due to the progression of climate change.

Enabling conditions 

  • Close coordination with the administrative departments and top management.
  • Quick release of deals (success board).
  • Engaged personal contact with all groups of stakeholders.

Transfer tips

  • Build up an interdisciplinary team that connects and networks administration and urban society.
  • Hire highly qualified, communicative experts in the fields of climate, nature and environmental protection. They can convince and advise.
  • Get the backing of top management and the municipal council. This is important for the motivation especially for long-term projects. 

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