The Helsingborg Declaration is an initiative where the city works together with stakeholders from the entire logistics chain to develop the Helsingborg region into Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub. 


Strong points 

  • Creation of a platform which includes whole value chain where the city is identifying and ensuring our role as an enabler of innovation/transition.
  • Concrete working groups where different partners take leadership for more in depth action on creating initiatives.
  • Connect the partners and the initiatives to the mission/support systems/CCC.

Key stakeholders 

Logistical value chain, including local/regional companies & national/multinational actors.


City strategy 

Helsingborg is one of the EU mission cities, with a goal set to be climate neutral by 2030. In order to be so, we have to speed up the climate transition times four. This demands a joint commitment and companies, politicians and civil servants are required on a level that has never happened before. We have to work in new ways and we have to do it together. This, we are exploring in the Helsingborg declaration. 


Results and impacts 

Five areas of the logistics chain targeted: packaging logistics; circularity, reuse and recycling; fossil-free energy; smart, seamless and efficient logistics; technology and infrastructure.
Recent achievements:

  • 2 charging stations (Ättekulla & in the harbour).
  • Cooperation with Climateview ( and AFRY (


  • Changing from our "business as usual".
  • Capacities in the private and public sectors to develop new business models and enable faster scaling?

Enabling conditions 

  • Ensure high-level participation both from politicians and Directors of the City.
  • Make routine a platform but ensure support for enabling smaller concrete groups to take action. 

Transfer tips

  • Look for your "uniquness" and put that in play together with an ambitious goal.
  • Be sincere about not having the answers and show courage in changing practice. 

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