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Urban soil 4 food project starts from the challenge of using cities‘ waste (biological and mineral) to produce a useful product (soil), which could be later used for meeting different cities‘ needs, such as food production, parks and construction. As main innovative output of the project, project partners will develop a safe and certified soil with by-production of energy (through using technology of fermentation and pyrolysis).  The project will be articulated around four main interconnected aspects (‘circles’) backboned with two key investments: the establishment of a pilot system for urban soil production and the establishment of four urban gardens (using the urban soil produced).

The material circle will analyse the material flows of waste within the city that are usable for production of urban soil.

The food circle will turn some currently unused Municipality land into urban community gardens, where agricultural activity will take place, ending with the establishment of an urban food label.

The open innovation circle will establish agri-living lab to develop and test innovative pilot concepts, such as urban flowers for urban bees, micro urban gardening and urban soil rehabilitation, while simultaneously supporting innovative start-ups working in the field of circular economy.

The knowledge circle will share the knowledge stemming from the project to other cities in Slovenia and in the EU, ending with development of certificates and patents in order to bring urban soil technology to the international level.

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Maribor, Slovenia Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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