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The social and territorial model that will be tested has a marked capacity to "adapt" to the demographic change and is aimed at the prevention and treatment of loneliness, with the belief that a welcoming, inclusive, caring environment helps to prevent degenerative states of wellbeing/health.

Starting from the analysis of the causes triggering loneliness, the project will define the dimensions of loneliness that will contribute to the Levels of Loneliness Index. In-depth questionnaires will be used to provide evidence of the experience of loneliness existing in the chosen area. The data collected on the 3rd district will also contribute, for statistical inference, to a pool of information on the characteristics of the urban population and its phenomenal evolutions, to be used for decision-making processes and the provision of services/opportunities.

Specific actions on the field will trigger the "loneliness management” with a specific focus on prevention and treatment, reaching key aspects of life (material conditions, quality of life, sustainability of living). These actions will be structured through the integration of: physical spaces (urban areas whose function of meeting is to be restored - the condominium complex, green areas, ground floor spaces as hotbeds of new sociality and economy), relationships (between peers/neighbours, intergenerational,...), digital space that facilitates the connection of physical spaces/relationships.

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