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Amsterdam is going to build smart blue green roofs on 10,000m2 of which at least 8,000 m2 will be on social housing rooftops. Blue stands for water, green for plants. On these roofs extra water can be stored under the green plant layer. This water buffer layer reduces the chance of damage to houses and their surroundings in case of heavy rain and increases the cooling effect and survival rate of the plant layer in case of drought.  The roofs have a “smart flow control” that anticipates heavy rain or drought, releasing or retaining water accordingly. The roofs are connected in a network, enabling remote regulation of rooftop water levels based on weather forecasts and water management settings. RESILIO builds upon 5 years of R&D of smart blue green roof technology done by several of the project partners. After proven success of single blue green roofs across Amsterdam, RESILIO will build a smart grid of roofs enabling real time data exchange for dynamic water levels. Thus, an entirely new scale and type of adaptive urban water management is created for the first time in Europe and across the world.

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