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TO-Nite aims to deliver community-based urban security through community activation, empowerment and technology-based social sensing. This will allow the City to face the challenge by implementing multidisciplinary and co-designed solutions with communities aimed at improving the livability of public spaces and the perceived security of our communities. 
TO-Nite will also improve City's capabilities to monitor the current situation, detect the rise of new phenomena, understand communities needs, and measuring impacts of co-designed solutions by collecting, processing and visualizing, in a coherent way, heterogeneous data generated by the city infrastructures and its communities in the context of urban security.
To achieve such objectives, the project intends to:

  • conduct ethnographic and social enquiry activities in target neighborhoods and engage key stakeholders to understand the current culture of security (with specific regard to the night/evening experience), 
  • define the enabling role of infrastructure technology that could be placed in those areas, and elaborate a baseline and a model in support to City’s policy and services;
  • develop an improved and integrated technology infrastructure (i.e. platform, beacons, geofences) to understand, analyse urban insecurity phenomena (security sensing) and to provide open intelligence (data as urban commons) to improve citizens’ awareness regarding their culture and perception of security;
  • co-design with communities opportunities for urban regeneration and services aimed at improving social cohesion and protection in the use of public spaces at night/evening time. Impact oriented and sustainable co-defined solutions will be supported by dedicated acceleration programmes;

As a result, recommendations will be elaborated in regard of governance change’s needs and opportunities for the city of Turin. 

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