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The project brings the concept of citizen experience and wellbeing to policy-making on a municipal level and creates conditions for data-driven decision-making. Besides, the project works with a novel definition of culture and contemporary cultural heritage. KSCreativity4WB focuses on the improvement of wellbeing in the city, increase in civic engagement in contemporary cultural heritage, creative entrepreneurship, and education for jobs of the future.

We will establish the Citizen Experience and Well-being Institute (CXI) that combines innovative aspects of data use and visualization, data-based service design, decision making and engagement of citizens through culture. An integral and important part of CXI is a Mobile Urban Laboratory (MUL), which will be used to engage citizens in the work of CXI throughout the city.

We will be fostering creativity and entrepreneurship through the Urban Innovation Sphere (UIS) and increase sustainability through the education program Dare to Create. Urban Innovation startup accelerator will support early-stage entrepreneurs and build a program of networking as well as community building events to support the exchange and collaboration between artists, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers. Together with UIS, it will serve as the main place for creative innovators during the development of new prototypes of products and services.

We will also be using data and display them to the public through disruptive engaging channels such as media art installations or public space art interventions. The selected forms of media art installations will be placed in the public space to increase citizen engagement and interaction.

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Košice, Slovakia Small and medium-sized cities (50k > 250k)
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