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The project takes up the challenge by developing a new integrated concept of flexible child care and housing. Two buildings with connection doors and common areas will be constructed and tested allowing single parents working in healthcare and nursing professions to live door to door with single parents working in childcare. Mutual cooperation between the two target groups will be established with childcare workers taking care of children of healthcare workers. Child care will be available at all times, either normal daytime care in large-scale day care facilities or at unusual times (nights and weekends) in the homes. The special large-scale day care facilities staffed by carers with pedagogical qualifications combined with the door-to-door residential partnerships in a single building will enable a new form of flexible child care unmatched by regular child day care. With this innovative approach one group of single parents will get the possibility of obtaining employment in healthcare and nursing professions while the other group of single parents will have greater opportunities to complete pedagogical training. Based on a learning and training concept adapted to this structure, single day care mothers will for the first time be able to complete state-recognised day care training alongside their normal activities.

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