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The Digital Acceleration for Medium Sized Cities project (DIACCESS) is a project which aims on solving societal challenges by establishing close innovation partnerships between municipal departments and companies and digital innovators. The purpose of the project is to make available highly functional and relevant digital solutions that solves needs and challenges for Växjö’s own operations while also making solutions which could be marketed by the innovators to other municipalities in Sweden and worldwide. The assumption is that very close innovation partnerships based on innovation procurement contracts will allow the partners to jointly, and in cooperation with stakeholders in the value chains, including citizens to develop solutions which is fully solving the challenges identified and at the same time bring opportunities for innovators to bring new innovative products to the market. 

The DIACCESS project is built around three major components: firstly, a digital acceleration hub that will facilitate the innovation processes from identifying needs to finalised digital service by engaging in everything from business intelligence, stakeholder engagement, citizen outreach, pilot testing to completed and verified prototype. 
The development will be done in five consecutive cycles which tackles approximately three to four challenges in each cycle. The digital acceleration hub will also facilitate digital development processes based on data, by making data sources available to digital innovators. The digital acceleration hub will be supported by the second component, the digital lab, which is a technical unit which will assist in making digital prototypes, perform service testing and work on data maintenance and cleaning. 
The third component is a data platform which will host both the data sources that evolves from the project but also be available for other municipal and third-party data sources, including allowing external data providers to commercialise their data to innovators. 

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