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CUP 4 CREATIVITY integrates passive consumption with creative contribution, lowers access barriers and involves people exposed to digital isolation into community-sourced activities. By sparking dormant creativity, residents of Újbuda also become mentally fit and shielded against contemporary urban stress factors. At the same time, they become connected, encouraged and anchored contributors of the Újbuda community and embrace its social and cultural identity.

The main process is community building, exploiting the same technologies that intensify digital loneliness: an online cultural community is created, gradually involving its members into attractive online and real-life cultural events, creative activities and shared adventures, taking advantage of contemporary digital, immersive and AR/VR technologies.

A coherent selection of online/offline creative spaces are developed, operated and tested to boost cultural activities and creative interactions of the cultural community:

  • (1) A Cultural IT Ecosystem providing an online interface to reach out for target groups and facilitate online/offline networking;
  • (2) A technology-enhanced Art&Tech Centre functioning as a cross-disciplinary, immersive, digital creation place for our users and also as an active exhibition space for New Media Creations;
  • (3) Decentralised Cultural OpenLab workshops open for amateur creators and bottom-up cultural initiatives; and
  • (4) Several so-called Creative Corners implemented and tested at employers, cultural and commercial service providers, to establish accessible points of entry into the CUP ecosystem.

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