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In order to leverage the full potential of cultural heritage in a digital way, this project aims to open up cultural data, making it usable, useful, and used.

To create this open knowledge, CoGhent establishes the necessary data architecture and a city-broad data management plan. We also conduct user-research to gain insight into cultural needs, thresholds, and opportunities regarding digitised cultural heritage in order to figure out which data to open up and how to bring it all together. Additionally, tools are developed to capture citizen stories and insights, enriching our city-broad digital cultural heritage. Finally, to actually reach and engage our target audience, CoGhent deploys a high tech mobile experience room that will traverse three neighborhoods. Within this space, the local citizen can enjoy a broad view of the cultural heritage in Ghent. Moreover, visitors can also choose to participate by adding personal stories to enrich the shared cultural heritage of Ghent.

In sum, we make use of linked data to foster cultural diversity and raise its visibility. This way, we increase the dialogue between citizens of different backgrounds, enhancing social cohesion.

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