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The project can be defined as an urban regeneration operation, which consists of an integrated set of actions and elements that act as social stimulators to improve universal accessibility, ensure that the surface interventions on the existing urbanization manage to reconfigure the executed urbanism and develop a new model of public-private governance that will allow the duplication of the project's developments. These systems work as open supports to multiple activities chosen by users.
The city council of Seville leads a strategy of systemic approach to urban adaptation to climate change, combining experience, knowledge and capabilities of public entities, universities and research centers and companies. Together they will develop the urban ecosystem in two phases, a pilot where the same structure of the street will be modified to facilitate a demonstration environment in the combination of different technological approaches and a new Governance and public-private collaboration system for the promotion and expansion of the new ecosystem throughout the fabric of the city:
This ecosystem will be based on 3 pillars:
- Refreshing facilities (bioclimatic qanat)
- Underground gallery (zoco)
- Bioclimatic amphitheatre
In a transversal way, they will be integrated into a System through:
- Definition of new business models and involvement & education programs for citizens and different stakeholders, including local craftsmen 
- Promotion of improved public spaces and creation of a new governance system of and public-private cooperation in a transformation plan with an analysis of social impact
CartaujaQANAT will act as a catalyst for public-private urban transformation, facilitating Seville's adaptation to future climate conditions, and will help Andalusia become an urban reference in adapting to climate change, facilitating replication in the Mediterranean environment and positioning local companies in the environmental industry.

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