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Our project, will address the challenge related to the city's capacity to attract and retain the necessary talents for its economy to grow and produce more added-value, via two innovative approaches: 
First, rethinking the educational/qualification system responsiveness to labour market needs. Our solution here is to build on the strong educational offer of the city, and in particular of University of Aveiro, to produce a new range of talents – including artistic, creative and human sciences areas – with a STEAM approach (adding the “A” for Arts and creativity to the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and ensuring that supply and demand for new digital skills and competences are matched, in order to contribute to the improvement of the average added-value produced by employee in the city. The creation of a Responsive Observatory will determine (at every moment) the skills demand of our economy and will design and implement short-term education/qualification courses adapted to those needs. 
Second, Aveiro will move decisively into a new enhanced technological level, changing the way city actors perform and interact, and thus differentiating it from its competitors at home and abroad. For that, Aveiro will become a trial city for 5G technologies, using it as the basis for the transition into a next economy based on knowledge and digital platforms, valorising RD&I, open data and the development of new products and services for the growth and creation of new companies and jobs. 

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