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The AirQon project will tackle technical and social challenges to replace diesel generators at festivals. The main solution is that visitors park their electric vehicle behind the stage of an event and supply energy to power up an entire podium or cool drinks with energy from the battery. Numerous challenges will be addressed in order to do so:

  1. Software development: a digital platform to connect visitors to events, communication between individual hardware components and a viable method to calculate total amount of necessary cars to power up the event.
  2. Learn about the incentives of car owners to cooperate with AirQon. Is a simple parking space enough to convince visitors, or should there be more? Ticket discount, valet taxi “back home” and free drinks come into mind beforehand.
  3. AirQon is a project that addresses a blind spot in air quality regulations. Diesel generators have limited emission standards, which results in limited knowledge on actual emissions and effect in public space. AirQon will deliver insights in dispersion, public opinion and suggestions how to improve or prevent use of diesel generators.

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