Unlocking the path to green and just cities: Just Transitions study unveils key insights

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The much-anticipated findings of the two-year-long "Just Urban Transitions" study are now available, just in time for the Green Transition event in Tourcoing, France on November 8 and 9.

As Europe aims for climate neutrality, cities play a pivotal role, both as energy users and contributors to emissions. The study highlights the significance of combining social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability for a Just Transition.

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The European Urban Initiative (EUI) examined previous Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) projects, focusing on three critical aspects of Just Urban Transitions:

  1. Equipping workers with green skills for the zero-carbon economy.
  2. Ensuring affordability for everyone during transitions.
  3. Promoting democratic transitions with active citizen involvement in decision-making.

Now, two years since the study's initiation in 2021, key findings are ready for dissemination. 

The study identifies successful cities interventions across these three areas, with insights shared in three distinct reports: "Skills for a green future," "Making the transition affordable for all," and "Democratic transition for all." These findings will support the development of EUI's capacity-building services, guiding cities across the EU in their journey towards climate neutrality and resilience, while fostering inclusion and citizen engagement.

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